Saving Money and Mood on The Perfect Office Lighting

3 Signs Your Office Lighting Should Be Replaced
March 3, 2018

Saving Money and Mood on The Perfect Office Lighting

When you think of a typical office, you probably think of fluorescent-bulb-lit hallways, gray walls and ceilings, and a no-nonsense atmosphere. Fortunately, nowadays the world seems to be moving away from the isolating and depressing cubicles of the last century and bringing some color to the workplace. Specifically, the color green: saving the environment and saving money at the same time! Rancho Electrical specializes in energy-efficient lighting solutions that can not only reduce the electrical bill of your company but also lift the mood of your employees. Here’s how.

Friendly for Green

Office buildings suck up a lot of power, but a surprising amount goes into office lighting. As much as 30 percent, according to Southern California Edison. Fortunately, there are a few simple things that you can do to reduce the cost without reducing the mood of your building (this is also the advice you would receive if you decided to get your building inspected with a lighting audit from Rancho Electrical).

First, if your office still uses incandescent or old fluorescent lighting, it’s time to say goodbye to those fixtures. LED lighting uses about 75 to 80 percent less energy and last phenomenally longer. For large overhead fluorescent troffers, LED light panels can be installed. T12 fluorescent lights can be replaced with T8 tubes for a huge difference, but for the biggest difference in energy savings, switch to 18-watt T8 LED bulbs; over their lifetime you can expect to save $77 and make up the cost of the entire lamp in just 28 months. They also produce no heat, helping you save on air conditioning costs.

Mood-Boosting Lighting Options

From track lighting over desks and display tables to wall sconces lining the halls, renovating your office in bright, stylish lighting fixtures can do wonders to help the mood during the day. LED tape lights behind shelving or computer desks can bring light to normally dark corners of the room without adding much additional cost. Motion sensors can be installed in rooms that don’t normally see much traffic, saving on the energy cost of restrooms, break rooms, or supply closets. Anywhere there’s a light, improvements can be made.

Let Rancho Electrical help you improve the quality of the lights in your office. We can perform a full inspection and audit of your energy use to see where your energy could be better spent or reduced. Contact us today.

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