Four Effective Ways to Cut Commercial Energy Costs

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November 3, 2017
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Four Effective Ways to Cut Commercial Energy Costs

Apart from your payroll, your business’s next highest expense is probably your power bill. But let’s say you’ve done everything short of a complete electrical overhaul to reduce those costs and still can’t quite shoulder the burden of your high energy costs. Fortunately, Rancho Electrical can assist you in reducing your electrical bill even further. Partner with us and let us help you find where your power consumption is highest and improve it. Here are a few ways we can help you find a solution.

Historical Usage Data Analysis

The first thing to determine is the pattern of your building’s power usage. Working with a qualified energy consultant such as us at Rancho Electrical, we can measure the high and low usage times as well as determine what systems could be upgraded for better efficiency.

Power Factor Correction

One of the hidden costs utility companies charge are “power factor” fees. If you operate a large building or facility, including 24/7 data centers, running servers, AC units, and other constantly running equipment, there is potential for a poor power factor. If a utility has a tariff that requires customers to maintain a 95% power factor, for instance, customers that don’t meet this requirement will be charged in additional fees. We can determine if these fees apply to you and work to increase your power factor.

Efficient Lighting Solutions

You might be surprised at how much money goes out the window keeping an office building or retail store lit. Through re-lamping (replacing existing bulbs and lamps with more efficient ones) or retrofitting (replacing existing features with updated ones), we can help you achieve sizeable savings.

Energy Aggregation Programs

Working with your local electrical company isn’t the only option. By joining energy aggregation programs, organizations can achieve greater savings and greener energy. This option is great for companies with multiple locations (by combining their collective energy costs and attract better pricing).

Work with Rancho Electrical, and we can help lower your energy bill in a variety of different ways. We can help troubleshoot your electrical systems and offer professional assistance whenever anything breaks down. Contact us today for pricing and availability.

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