Does One of These Dangers Lurk in Your Workplace?

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August 5, 2017
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Does One of These Dangers Lurk in Your Workplace?

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Electrical hazards are some of the most dangerous in any home or workplace. They can lie undetected for weeks, months, or even years before suddenly creating an emergency. Part of the problem comes from the fact that most of a building or facility’s wiring will be out of sight—behind walls or above ceiling tiles. But if get regular inspections and you know what to watch out for, you’ll be aware of problems and warning signs in plenty of time to correct them before they cause real trouble.

1. Tripped circuit breakers

Your circuit breakers are designed to protect your electrical system when they get overloaded. If something draws too much power, too quickly, your circuit breaker will trip, shutting off that circuit—hopefully before anything is damaged. This should be an irregular occurrence. If you’ve got machinery or an appliance that is causing your breakers to trip regularly during their use, you need to upgrade your electrical system to be able to handle the greater demand that is being put on it.

2. Warm wiring, cables, or cords

If you can feel appreciable heat coming from any wire, cable, or cord, that probably means that more electricity is flowing through it than it is rated for. This will eventually burn or melt the insulation away from the inside out, and means that your system needs an upgrade.

3. Over-reliance on extension cords

Extension cords are great for supplying power to areas that need it infrequently or to extend the reach of a corded appliance. As long as you’re using an extension cord appropriately rated for the power draw of your appliance, you should be fine. However, when extension cords become a permanent fixture, running along the base of a wall or across a room, it creates multiple problems. Often these cords are used because they offer multiple outlets, potentially overloading the circuit. If they run underneath anything, such as a rug, they are fire hazards, and if they are out in the open, they are trip hazards. If you’re workplace is over-reliant on extension cords, contact an electrician to install new outlets where they are needed.

To ensure that your workplace is free of electrical hazards, be sure to get regular inspections from a licensed electrician. If you find that you need to upgrade your electrical system to keep your facility and employees safe, contact Rancho Electrical.

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