October 3, 2017

4 Ways To Make Your Office Greener

An increasingly popular method for reducing office costs and improving environmental standards is the “green office”, in which businesses make strides to reduces their environmental impact by using greener recycling methods and technology. Rancho Electrical is committed to the same high standards, and we’re here with a few ideas you can use to make your office greener. The Basics These are things that are just little changes to the way you already do things, like using electricity wisely, reducing waste, […]
November 3, 2017

4 Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

With the onset of winter, people tend to use more electricity, usually to keep warm, but for a variety of other purposes as well. With the increased use of electrical outlets and appliances comes increased danger as well. Rancho Electrical is here to help, with some simple steps you can take, no matter your role in the office, to stay safe while getting the most of your electricity in the winter. Avoid Cord Overloads It’s not unusual to see the […]
December 3, 2017

Four Effective Ways to Cut Commercial Energy Costs

Apart from your payroll, your business’s next highest expense is probably your power bill. But let’s say you’ve done everything short of a complete electrical overhaul to reduce those costs and still can’t quite shoulder the burden of your high energy costs. Fortunately, Rancho Electrical can assist you in reducing your electrical bill even further. Partner with us and let us help you find where your power consumption is highest and improve it. Here are a few ways we can […]
January 3, 2018

Steps to Proper Parking Lot Lighting

Lighting in parking lots isn’t just to help people find their way to their cars after dark, although that is its primary purpose. In fact, when the lighting is done right, it also helps keep people safe and aids in identification of criminals with help from low-light cameras. Typically, parking lot lights will be on thirteen hours a day every day, 365 days a year, so as a business owner, you want to save as much money as you can […]
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