4 Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

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October 3, 2017
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4 Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

With the onset of winter, people tend to use more electricity, usually to keep warm, but for a variety of other purposes as well. With the increased use of electrical outlets and appliances comes increased danger as well. Rancho Electrical is here to help, with some simple steps you can take, no matter your role in the office, to stay safe while getting the most of your electricity in the winter.

  1. Avoid Cord Overloads

It’s not unusual to see the extension cords come out during the winter to support space heaters, water heaters and other appliances. If that’s the case in your office, make sure that outlets and extension cords don’t get overloaded with cords..

  1. Caps and Covers

If running additional cords around your office, makes sure they are adequately covered and/or capped to prevent trips, falls, and disconnections.

  1. Prevent Freezing

It’s not unusual for office pipes to be susceptible to freezing. If yours happen to have this problem, protect them with heat tape, or a warming mat.

  1. Get a Pre-Season Check

A great way to ensure that your electrical system is up to par for the winter is to get it professionally inspected before winter rolls around. If you’re beginning to have problems, or suspect you might, it’s not too late to get an inspection!

We hope that your winter is warm, and we’re sure these tips will help your whole office stay safe this season. For more information about what electrical safety, inspections, or other services we offer, contact Rancho Electrical today!

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