3 Signs Your Office Lighting Should Be Replaced

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February 3, 2018
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April 3, 2018

3 Signs Your Office Lighting Should Be Replaced

The primary goal of any business is to make a profit, to keep the lights on, so to speak. Sometimes, though, keeping the lights on is a more literal matter! When your office lights aren’t what they used to be, Rancho Electrical is there to help. We specialize in energy-efficient lighting solutions that will not only keep your lights on, but save you money on energy, effectively boosting your profit. But how can you tell when a change is necessary? We can help with that, too. Here are some sure signs your lighting or electrical system might need replacing.

The Tech Is Old

With how quickly technology has advanced in recent years, many new forms of lighting and energy technology have been introduced and become outdated within a short amount of time. If your lighting system is particularly old, it’s probably a good idea to spring for something newer and more energy efficient.

The Lighting No Longer Suits the Locale

Sometimes the same building finds itself in use for several different purposes at different times. Perhaps what was once a restaurant is now your office. But, what was once good lighting for a restaurant may not be good lighting for an office. It’s good for your workplace environment and your energy bill to have the lighting best suited for what it will be used for.

Degrading Ballast

Lightbulbs use a magnetic ballast to function, and over time old or outdated ballast can become noisy, often producing buzzing noises. That can be extremely distracting in the workplace. Sometimes this problem is in the bulb, but sometimes it is exacerbated by the wiring.

Whatever the cause of your lighting troubles, Rancho Electrical can help. Whether it be a retrofit, or a full replacement, we can make sure that your lighting is both effective and efficient. Contact us today to schedule a service or appraisal.

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